TOSST is searching for 2-3 highly motivated, PhD candidates to join the TOSST program.  TOSST students have access exciting opportunities, including an international network of peers, co-supervision by a Kiel-based researcher, summer schools, and a research exchange in Germany. Students who have already been accepted to Dalhousie University and who have not yet defined their research project (i.e. less than one year), are encouraged to apply.  Please note that a HOSST co-supervisor must be identified at the time of application.  Supervisors, please notify by Thurs. May 4 of your intent to nominate a student.

Information on program standards, requirements, and the application process can be found below.

Graduate Positions Are Currently Filled!

Graduate Research

Recruitment Standards

A minimum standard of quality (A- in the last two years) is considered. Exceptions will only be made for candidates with other outstanding qualifications or justification.  TOSST does not accept applicants whose interests and project do not match the TOSST program objectives.   TOSST considers applicants with backgrounds in physical, chemical, biological, and geological sciences, marine technology, and marine management.

TOSST strongly encourages candidates already awarded financial support from external sources to apply.  This extends to candidates who are already attending university, but who have not yet started or defined their project (i.e. within the 1st year).  Incentives will be offered to candidates (or supervisors) who raise their own financial support (e.g. higher stipend, additional travel support, etc.).

Requirements for Admission


Applications are not reviewed by the graduate committee until all materials listed below have been submitted in the proper order as one (1) pdf file.


  1. TOSST application (pdf) filled out jointly by applicant (part 1) and supervisor (part 2), including a GPA calculation from the TOSST office  Supervisor should contact the TOSST office.  Please note that this may take several days, please plan accordingly.
  2. 1-3 page statement of interest  This critical document should state how an applicant’s interests align with TOSST’s research objectives.
  3. Unofficial copies of academic transcripts  Transcripts must be in English.
  4. Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  5. 2 letters of recommendation from academic referees  Recommendation letters should be sent to the nominating supervisor.
  6. A list of fellowships awarded or those for which the applicant is eligible
  7. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), MELAB, or IELTS scores  Required for all applicants whose native language is not English and did not complete a degree in English language.
  8. Abstract from a previously completed thesis and/or copies of papers published or in preparation are not required, but will be considered if submitted.
  9. Graduate Record Exam results are not required, but will be considered if submitted.

Application Process

Step 1: Identify a Supervisor

As a potential candidate of the TOSST program, it’s important that your interests are matched with the expertise available at both Dalhousie and at CAU or GEOMAR. The first step in applying to the TOSST program is to determine your area of interest and identify potential supervisor(s).  Email the supervisor(s) your curriculum vitae/resume, an unofficial copy of your transcripts, and mention your interest in the TOSST program.  Please copy the TOSST program coordinator on your initial correspondence with the faculty supervisor(s).

Step 2: Apply to TOSST

Assemble all admission requirements into one .pdf file in the order listed above.  The nominating supervisor forwards the completed electronic file to If materials are missing, not in the correct format, or out of order, the application will be returned to the supervisor.  The supervisor will have 24 hours to amend the application file.

Send completed application to, with the appropriate subject line, ‘TOSST PhD Fellowship Opportunity’, or for a Master’s application, ‘TOSST MSc Fellowship Opportunity’.

Only electronic copies sent by a supervisor are accepted.

Step 3: Apply to Dalhousie University

Applicants still must apply and be accepted into the Dalhousie University Faculty of Graduate Studies (MSc or PhD), unless already accepted. Applicants may either wait for the TOSST decision or apply directly, as they wish.  For application procedures or questions, please contact the appropriate department’s administrator (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Oceanography, etc.).  TOSST will reimburse the $100.00 graduate application fee only to applicants awarded a TOSST fellowship.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that acceptance into the TOSST program does not guarantee acceptance into the Dalhousie University Faculty of Graduate Studies. The TOSST research school is a unique and specialized program within the university, and has a different set of requirements and standards for admission than those of the university.

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