Office Location

Department of Oceanography

Steele Ocean Sciences Building
Dalhousie University
1459 Oxford Street P.O Box 15000
Halifax, NS, B3H 4R2, Canada


About Halifax

Halifax, Nova Scotia is not only the quintessential Maritime destination, where you relax on the waterfront, experience diverse music and art, and enjoy unique cuisine, but it is also the cultural hub of Atlantic Canada!

With a population of approximately 400,000; Halifax is the largest city centre in Atlantic Canada. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, the city and surrounding municipality has 400 km of coastline.

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About Nova Scotia and the Maritimes

The Canadian Maritimes offer something to everyone.  Whether you like hiking, boating, kayaking, cross-country skiing, or simply relaxing next to the water on a sandy beach, the Canadian Maritimes foster a plethora of activity and outdoor fun for all ages.  An area abundant in delicious seafood and world-renowned Maritime hospitality, it’s considered today to be an ocean playground to everyone, transforming a rich historical area into a year-round destination hotspot.

The Maritimes are located on the east coast of Canada and include three provinces; Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. The area has a combined population of approximately 1.8 million people across a combined area of 132,000 square kilometers.

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